Welcome to the Channel Islands Chamber website.Our goal is to promote the communities that exist here on the wonderful California sunny beach that we inhabit, as well as the businesses that exist here. We can do this by helping those with great ideas to create new and thriving businesses, as well as making it easier for those in business that already occupy our communities.

By supporting the community, free-enterprise, volunteerism, excellence, education, our US Military, our ports, our local chambers of commerce, our local non-profits & charities, with your help we can help all of them thrive once again.

Our communities are rich with the arts, sports, and a diversity of members young and old,  that can help all of us thrive.  The creative genius is in all of us, and we want you to join our endeavor!  Our mission is that we, as communities of Southern California, grow, prosper and once again take our place as the greatest place on planet earth, to thrive, employ our people, and create opportunity in an environment where everyone can make a difference!

Please take the time to view all of the pages of our site.  By doing so you too can make a difference.